30 Day Habits

It’s really hard to keep writing.  It’s one of these new little tricks I’ve learned.  If I force myself to continue to write, eventually it will become a good habit.  There are many habits.  Everyone has good ones and bad ones, but this is where different thinking comes in.  It would only take an average Joe Shmoe to mindlessly do good habits.  If it’s something you do almost every day, but when you leave the house you might ask yourself, “Did I do that this morning?”, then that is a basic habit, right?  Walk out the door with your keys, or brush your hair, or put on a belt; sounds like the little things.  They really are just little habits.

 It is extremely difficult for someone with anxiety, depression, or something else going on, to be able to get through a morning without forgetting something or stressing about something or letting a problem in life drag your attention down a completely different path than out the door.  Little habits are something that would eat at the ‘different thinkers’ minds all day if we miss them.  Sounds like a terrifying way to start your day.

I was probably 9 – 10 years old when my dad was trying to make it a routine to work out, he made a basic chart for himself.  He taped it up on the wall in our dining room and told me, “I’m going to make this a habit.”  It looked pretty much like a calendar of 30 days.  He X out the boxes, one by one.  He was going to make it all the way through, but he missed a day.  I couldn’t believe it when he started all the way back at 1!  He told me that it has to be 30 days straight threw.  Now that I’m older, I figured out that this is really how it is to me in everyday life.  I have to tell myself to do almost anything for 30 days.  If it doesn’t happen then start over.  I am setting little goals and giving myself big rewards when I do make it to 30 days.  But even then…. I start over.

Practice makes perfect, so they say.  If I keep making goals and continue to push myself to practice good habits, I hope eventually I can train my brain to do things, mindlessly.  To get to that point though, I have to work extra hard at it, for a very long time, for it to stick.  ‘Different thinkers’ need direction, self-discipline, and encouragement.  These little tools and tricks that I have to share with you are just what works for me.  I hope we all can overcome our bad habits, too.  But the bad habits are for another story.  We’ll see what comes next!

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