Breaking Down the List

I’ve been trying to keep things simple. Just do the little things that have to be done to get through the day. If I have extra time, which we all know is rare, I’ll try to focus on what little things are priority and what is just white noise in my head. I’ve been reading the Oola book for a while now. Yes, I read it over and over. I have a hard time retaining information so I work harder to absorb it. It might take me longer than others, but I know I can be just as good at it if I work harder for it.

Anyways, the Oola book… It gives you 7 topics of your life to try to keep in balance. “Balance?!? What is that!?!” ‘Different thinkers’ sometime become scared when we hear the word balance. It is not only a foreign concept to us, but it is extremely difficult for us to do. Breaking it down makes it a little easier. The Oola Guys use these subjects as guidelines, but you can use whatever method you like. They explain them as the 7 F’s. Faith, family, fun, financial, food, field, and fitness. If one category falls everything else can be effected.

The 7 F’s are all very important and you can subcategorize most issues or gains under one of these categories. But what about keeping them in balance? How do you focus on all of these and still get things done? How do you not get overwhelmed by each topic? How do you get your financials up if your field isn’t up? How do you feed a family of three and still keep your fitness up? How do you make it to church if you have to work on Sundays?

The racing thoughts start to take over and anxiety can take control, too. I overcome this by, first recognizing that my thoughts and feelings are on overdrive, then I have to make myself a list. (This is just what works for me, it might not be the answer for you, but you can find what will work for you!) This list is just a mess, though.  It’s the questions, the priorities, the numbers, the fears, everything and anything that comes to mind.  Once I’m calm I start crossing off the things that I can’t change.  The topics that can’t be addressed at this very moment. It drastically shortens the list! Then I can pick out the priorities that need to be done right now.

Like the last list I made, just yesterday, had about 75 things on it and I was able to break it down to about 20 that needed to me handled that week, and broken down again, it ended up being only 4 things I had to do that day – dishes, pay rent, play with my son, and read. I was able to set the rest aside and spent more time playing with my son; which I’m so grateful for because about a year ago I would have tried to do everything on that list and it would have been only 5 minutes focusing on his needs compared to the 3-4 hours that we had together. This way, I’m not missing out on those special moments.

You can’t control the world around you but you can control what you decide to handle in a day by day, even minute by minute, situation. Some things on my extremely long list won’t even be taken care of. They will get lost in the hustle of life, but for some reason they sneak into my consciousness and over take the issues that are actually necessary. That is just how my brain is wired, because of my disorder, so I have to do the extra things to keep it in check and on the right path.

Go ahead and check out the Oola book for yourself! It may be one of the keys to the answers you seek. Don’t be afraid to let your mind do what it needs to do; let it wander, reel it back in, and then review where your thoughts have taken you. You have to get through the bad stuff to find the good.

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